What Miss Mademoiselle Bought

Currently listening to: ‘Perfect World’ – The Ruse.

Currently reading: ‘The Bell Jar’ – Sylvia Plath.

Today I went into town and I got bought a few items..I was determined to get a new pair of trousers (actually bought two), as I don’t have many in my wardrobe.

1st and 2nd photo (I should invest in a full-length mirror!): White sheer shirt – Topshop and skinny jeans – Primark.

3rd photo: Polka-dot peep toe pumps – Accessorize.

4th photo: Camel brogues – Primark.

5th photo: Scarf – Primark.

6th photo: Shirt – Topshop.

7th photo: Super skinny jeans – River Island.

8th photo: Satchel – Accessorize.

It is amazing how cheap Primark is – I got the shoes, scarf, jeans plus two sets of clothes hangers all for £27. Although some people complain about the quality of Primark’s products I have never had a problem with anything I have purchased from the store. Of course the quality isn’t going to be that of Topshop or River Island but you get what you pay for.

I am currently wearing the polka-dot peep toes from Accessorize and they are so comfy. I can’t wait for summer and these will be fabulous for that season. I have already planned my outfit for tomorrow’s class – my outfit in the 1st photo worn with the polka-dot peep toes plus the satchel bag from Accessorize.

What have YOU bought recently?..

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Studying Communication with Media. I dream of one day being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. Twitter: @mademoiselle299 Blog email: missmademoiselle299@gmail.com
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