Crown and Glory

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks and it is finally being done!

Crown and Glory is one of those websites that you instantly fall in love with as soon as the homepage loads on your browser’s webpage.

Crown and Glory is an online store which is reknown for their good quality, home-made collection of hair accessories and jewellery. From their on-trend velvet turbans to their ‘Cotton Candy’ bobby pin set, there is something for everyone out there.

A preview of Crown and Glory’s collection

Cotton Candy Bobby Pin set – £ 6.00, Rust Bobby Pin set – £6.00, Andrea Leaf Headband – £8.00,  Luxe Butterfly pair – £4.00 (sale), Mrs Peacock Velvet Turban Headband – £10.00 and Rock N Rosette Jersey Headband – £8.00.

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TWITTER: @crown_glory




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