What I Wore..

Today I wore the nude coloured t-shirt that I bought from Primarni yesterday – it was only £4, and I really like the gathered in style of the sleeves.  My black skinny jeans are from River Island – I bought them last August when I worked there so I got them for £10 with my discount but I think they retail at £39.99. They are the best pair of jeans I have ever owned – as much as I love Topshop, there skinny jeans are nothing compared to River Island’s. I find that Topshop’s skinny jeans are tight once they come out of the wash but after wearing them for only a few hours or one day they get really baggy whereas River Island’s skinny jeans are the opposite – they stay uber skinny and the colour has barely faded. My boots are from Zara and I purchased them in November when I was looking for a pair of winter boots. They are really comfy and versatile, I also bought them in black! My hair is a mess today, I just threw it up on top of my head as I had no plans to leave my house!


About missmademoiselle92

Studying Communication with Media. I dream of one day being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. Twitter: @mademoiselle299 Blog email: missmademoiselle299@gmail.com
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