Be your very own Black Swan

Natalie Portman as Black Swan

Today I watched the highly anticipated psychological thriller Black Swan. I had high expectations of this film as I used to be a Ballerina from the age of 2-17 (I regret giving it up but there was so much pressure with exams at schoo.) Of course I didn’t suffer from any psychological side effects, however I was interested in seeing how they portrayed Nina’s (Ballerina, played by Natalie Portman) life, and of course the costumes.

The film lived up to my expectations – it was haunting, dark, creepy and kept making me want to watch more. I feel that Natalie Portman was very successful in the way that she portrayed Nina’s character – you forgot it was just acting.

I’m not going into the plot as I don’t wish to spoil it for those of you who have not yet seen it. However, if you do wish to read more about the plot then you can do so here: Black Swan plot.

This post will show you how to re-live some of the costumes from Black Swan in a more realistic manner.

Day-time Ballerina

Where to buy: Pink ballet pumps – £18 – Topshop, Floral leotard – £4 – River Island, Ballet shoes pendant – £2.94 – ASOS, Pineapple slouch top – 16 – Debenhams and Leggings – £19 – River Island.

About this look: This is a casual look and whilst it may not be the most practical of outfits you can adjust it to fit your own schedule if you are not a dancer. You could wear the ballet pumps and necklace with a slouchy top and some jeggings for going to meet friends for a coffee. This could also be a comfy outfit for those mornings that you have a university lecture and just want to roll out of bed and literally throw anything on.

White Swan

Where to buy: Feather clutch – £25 – ASOS, Lace trim dress – £20 – Boohoo, Crown earrings – £50 – Juicy Couture (ASOS), Stud ballet pumps – £25 – ASOS and Double swan ring – £8 – ASOS.

About this look: This outfit could be worn for a night out on the town or for a date. The White Swan look is all about innocence and pureness – think feathers, tutus, crowns and of course white.

Black Swan

Where to buy: Swan ring – £6.50 – Topshop, Beaded tutu dress – £59.99 – Republic, Black and white print dress – £59.99 – River Island, Feather and stone headband – £18 – Topshop, Lace ballet pumps – £25 – ASOS, Feather cape – £65 – Topshop, Feather bag – £45 – ASOS and Feather plait hairband – £10 – Topshop.

About this look: This is when the swan loses her innocence and is noted for revealing her darker side. Again, this look could be worn for a party and a night out on the town. I particularly liked this dress from Republic as it reminded me of swan feathers and thought it would fit in well with the Black Swan look.

I know that these aren’t the most practical of outfits but this was a fun post to write, and after watching Black Swan I definitely felt I had to write a post about it.





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6 Responses to Be your very own Black Swan

  1. Katie P says:

    Love it! I noticed women are pulling their hair in to ballerina buns a lot lately!

  2. I recommended this to a friend 😉

  3. Hi, I am a student and would like to get an interview from you for a documentary project! The theme is The History of Vogue. Please email @ for more information. I would love to go further into detail if you choose to accept my request!

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