Honey and Oatmeal anyone?..

I was doing my daily browse of http://www.collegelifestyles.org/ when I clicked onto an article titled Inventive Home Recipes for a Healthier and more Radiant you!

There are many remedies featured in the article – Banana moisturiser, Oatmeal facemask and many more..

I decided to try out the Oatmeal facemask as it is simple and quick to do (I always have Oatmeal in my cupboard.)

How to create a Oatmeal facemask:

  • Pour Oatmeal into a small bowl
  • Mix lemon juice into it until it becomes a paste
  • Spread the paste onto your face
  • Extra (that I done) – Add honey to the mixture too if you want a more soft paste

(Recipe from http://www.collegelifestyles.org)

I recommend everyone tries this facemask – it is cheap and easy to make, and has made my skin so incredibly soft.

Thanks to College Lifestyle for the brilliant recipe!


About missmademoiselle92

Studying Communication with Media. I dream of one day being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. Twitter: @mademoiselle299 Blog email: missmademoiselle299@gmail.com
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